måndag 15 oktober 2012

Autumn Tea

Good morning!
Today it is my second contribution in the craft relay. Yesterday it was Sött, nött och lagat.

 And I´m doing some lovely tea.
You need:

Two lemons
Two clementines
Four cinnamon sticks
Black tea

Start by washing the lemons and the clementines. Peel them and put the peel in the owen ( 75 *) for an hour or two.Then chop them into small pieces.

Cruch the cinnamon sticks in a mortar and mix it with the tea and citrus fruits in glass jar.

 Make a cute label.


Tomorrow you can see Create ohlalalas contribution in the craft relay.

söndag 7 oktober 2012

Pysselstafetten- Craft relay

Good morning!

Today it´s my turn to contribute in the craft relay ( pysselstafetten). I got the baton from Återbruk av Åsali.
During fall I really like to crochet and since I had some left over yarn I want to show you an easy way to pimp you tea or coffe mug. 


Single Crochet-fast maska

Start by measure your mug.
Then make the chain so it fit your mug. ( I used 8 chains)
Start by doing single crochet in the chain. Don´t forget to add a chain before you turn over. 
Keep going until your work fit the mug. Make it a bit smaller cause the yarn stretch.
Sew or crochet together the ends.

Well done.

Tomorrow it´s time for Pyssligheter in the craft relay.